If you would like to write me a review or send me a testimonial via private correspondence, it always appreciated that you do not include graphic details. Thank you!


“I'm new to Vancouver and perb so hello to all! I recently met with Hayden and wanted to add my voice to all of the exceptional reviews for her. It's such a treat to meet with a woman who is clearly beautiful in all ways, but has great intelligence to go along with it! Here are some terms that definitely come to mind when I think about Hayden: beautiful, intelligent, very fun, quick-witted, easy laughter, super-sexy, pretty face, fair and generous, lovely body, high-performer, confident, friendly. She's so at-ease with herself it's infectious, and all my typical nervousness melted away just in time to enjoy our first sweet kiss! I greatly appreciate strong women like Hayden and the part of her life she shared with me...she clearly loves her life and her career. It's tremendous fun to be with someone who really enjoys what they do! She deserves only respectful men or women who will treat her with kindness and care, and if you identify with this description you owe it to yourself to meet her if you haven't already. Now I'm not exactly sure how to say this next part, has a certain 'technique' that is...unique...and somewhat surprising, but oh so pleasurable. I will definitely remember that sensation forever. Wish she would teach it to others but it's probably highly proprietary. I'm definitely a fan and minted Team Hayden. Hope you all can join the Team before she gets recruited as the CEO of some company - I could definitely see her in such a role...or maybe it's the impression she left on me!”

rt_vancouver, PERB


“I had the pleasure of seeing Hayden earlier this morning for a 90 minute session. I'm brand new to this, and she was the first provider that I've had an encounter with. I had come across her website and the positive reviews online and decided to go for it. I'm glad I did since it was a great first time experience.

Booking with her was easy. We corresponded with email, and I elected to send her a $100 deposit as part of the screening process. She hosted me at her Yaletown incall and she was everything that was advertised. She's beautiful, has an amazing body, has a great personality, and is very easy to talk to. I won't go into the details of our time together, but my expectations were certainly met. Do yourself a favour and see this wonderful woman if you have the opportunity.”

Reckoner, PERB


“…Booking was relatively straightforward as I was able to secure time with a deposit. This woman is the pure definition of fun. Thin and attractive, bubbly and interesting, as well as engaged, up to a boundary point (all appropriate). I met her at her place for an early appointment and we made mimosas - I brought the bubbly and she was kind to supply the orange juice, as well as generously providing additional cookies and some charcuterie. We talked a lot about music, bit about art and lyrics, then proceeded upstairs for base mirth…If there’s anything I really need to do upon my return to this town, it is that I must see her for more than 3 measly hours - and caffeinated! You should run to see her, too. Hayden also has a nice Twitter feed…”



“I had the chance to see Hayden last week and am very glad I did. I had originally set up an evening time with her due to my fear of downtown traffic and parking during normal business hours but had to postpone that original time. The only way I could see her before she went away on her current trip was to do it during the day. She made the traffic battle (it really wasn't that bad) more than worth it. So much so that I can see myself doing it again.

Normally I would bring a bottle of wine to share, but because it was way too early for that, a couple of warm coffee/tea drinks fit the bill quite nicely. After getting buzzed in, we sat down to chat for a bit of get to know you better time. She had prepared a nice plate of fruit and banana bread which was a very nice touch. Really easy to talk too and funny too. Her condo is a very nice loft set up which was cozy but not overly small. I really liked the layout with a nice big bed in the loft and a well appointed shower. Too bad the towel she had laid out had a mind of its own and would not stay on!

I had a great time with her. I really liked the fact that she was wearing a pair of nice jeans that fit her amazing body perfectly. I often prefer the jeans and sweater look over the fancy dresses or even lingerie at the door. The lingerie part can wait until after the introductions. Needless to say, the first impression was very good. She is very attractive and what you see in her pictures is exactly what you get. There was no lack of effort in ensuring that I was having a good time and enjoying myself. She has the most amazing nipples I have ever seen and a very nice set of man mades. Facially she is very pretty and I would definitely do a double take if I saw walking down the street. She has a good sense of humour and can carry a conversation very well and I felt that the chemistry was good.

Great attitude, amazing looks and did a great job pleasing me. Will I repeat? Hell yes. Do I recommend? Hell long as she has time to see me!”

justwannahavefun, PERB


“Easily get nervous and not sure where to look? I would strongly recommend Hayden. Her in call is discreet yet easy to find. Greeted me with a warm hug and some cookies as if we had known each other for a long time. She’s charming and very easy to talk to. Her pictures are 100% authentic, btw she has unbelievably long legs. The room is warm and cozy with just the right amount of music and candles to set the mood. When I got out of the shower and saw her in her lingerie, I immediately knew that my wild journey begins. She is a very enthusiastic kisser and loves to be touched. Extremely sensitive if you know how to please a women. Her fellatio technique is something I can never get enough of. Her compliments in bed were sincere and definitely ignited my desire which leads to probably my best performance for quite a long time. She didn’t make me feel rushed afterwards, instead we chatted on the bed for a while before I shower and took off. Strongly recommended.”

Caleb, private correspondence


“…her pictures are no fiction. Hayden is a gorgeous, sexy gal who has now set the bar high in Vancouver. She has fantastic talents and attitude beyond her physical charms.”

chopchopbc, PERB


“She has the look of one of those girls you see at a club in a sexy body con dresses. And she most definitely pulls off the gfe to perfection”

sixinch, CAF


“…contacting her and booking with her was very easy, and she responds promptly to emails. I prefer 2 hr meetings, especially for the first time meeting someone, as I like to get to know them -- helps me feel more comfortable. Her incall location is in Yaletown, very close to the Skytrain, if that matters to you (it did for me). The building and her suite were clean, quiet, and discreet. She greeted me in a very cute outfit which was a great introduction I brought along a bottle of wine for us to share, so we had some wine while talking. She is super easy to talk to, and lots of fun! I think she would be amazing to go out on an actual date with. She certainly made me feel comfortable and more relaxed (I get nervous easily). She also had some snacks for us, which was very thoughtful of her! After getting to know each other a bit, I headed to the shower. When I came out, she was wearing a very sexy set of lingerie, that looked wonderful on her. Of course, though, it doesn't stay on for very long She has a pretty slim, spinner build, and she's quite tall (just about my height when wearing heels, and I'm just under 5'11") -- which means legs for days! But, I was too distracted by her breasts -- they were so damn sexy. I couldn't get enough of them. She probably thought I was crazy, spending so much time on them, but damn. Perfect look, size, feel, mmmm. I don't like to give too many details about everything we did, and use all these crazy acronyms, but let's just say that we had an amazing time. Chemistry was great. She really gets into it. Oh and her sounds. So, I'm a little bit picky when it comes to sounds, mostly because I find fake sounds such a turn off (yes I mute pr0n whenever I watch it). But her sounds were sexy as hell. She would moan and breathe heavily right into my ear, and I almost lost my shit -- that was so damn hot.

Repeat: definitely! I'm hoping to find some time in my schedule while I'm still here in Vancouver, because I'd love to explore more of her”

andyjones777, PERB


“I found Hayden on Twitter, and when I checked her website and knew she had moved to Vancouver for good I had to see her. I emailed her with a detailed description of myself and plenty of references about a week before and she was very prompt to respond. The day finally came and I was blown away when I saw her. She is very pretty, slender, very vocal and a delight to talk to…”

TOZ6464, TER