Frequently Asked Questions


+ What screening information do you require?

  • Name
  • Age
  • Phone Number
  • Provider Reference (OR) a LinkedIn Profile
  • If you do not have LinkedIn or a reference, you can alternatively send Photo Id or an E-Transfer Deposit. Please note e-transfers are available to Canadians only.

+ What is your cancellation fee?

The following fees are applicable to last minute appointment cancellations or rescheduling.

  • 48 hours is subject to a $100.00 fee
  • 47-25 hours is subject to a $200.00 fee
  • 24 hours or less is subject to half the original appointment fee.

+ Can I make an outfit request?

I don’t mind accommodating outfit requests so long as it is something vague.

+ Do you have any reviews?

Yes! Click here to read them.

+ Can we discuss intimate details before our date?

I prefer to go with the flow once we meet in person, as chemistry and your attitude are two factors that influence how our date will go. But if there is something specific you’d really like to explore, feel free to ask me after you’ve sent me your screening information.

+ Can I use you as a reference?

Yes, if I am the most recent companion you've met. No need to ask me in advance.