What screening information do you require?

I require your name, age, phone number, and a provider reference or LinkedIn profile (photo included) before meeting. If you do not have a reference or a LinkedIn account you can alternatively send me a scanned copy of your photo ID or an e-transfer deposit. Please contact me for details.

What is your cancellation fee?

If you need to cancel or reschedule our date last minute the fees are:

48 hours notice - $100.00

24 hours notice or less - 50% of my rate for that date

Do you offer duos?

Absolutely! I love having a friend (or two) join in on the fun. Click here to visit my friends page.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes! Click here to read them.

Do you do outfit requests?

I don’t mind accommodating outfit requests so long as it is something vague, or something you’ve already seen me wear on my website or social media.

I’d like to purchase you a gift, do you have a wish-list?

Click here to view my gift page. Please know that gifts are appreciated but absolutely never expected.